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Who We Are?

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James - now and then

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JJ - today and yesterday

A group of retired, former and active first responders were enjoying an evening around a bonfire, listening to music and telling a few jokes.  The topic of conversation slowly shifted to the challenges of today's first responders and the alarming rate of suicide in our community. We wanted to find a way to show some support for our first responders, if only we could bring everyone here to sing and laugh with us and let them know they are not alone. After a long discussion someone said "we'll bring them here, virtually... let's start a radio station". It took some research but we soon discovered it was definitely possible. Once all of the puzzle pieces fell into place, we hit the "on air" button and off we went. We are growing everyday and invite you to join us on this journey.

The Thin Line Rock Station is the only internet music station specifically designed to boost positive mental health of our men and women in law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, dispatch, corrections, veterans and their supporters.   Our station aims to be a supportive platform that delivers high-energy rock ‘n’ roll with an underlying message about mental health to assist our listeners navigate the unique challenges and demands of their professions.  Our goal is to heal their internal trauma, all on a platform designed just for them. Our mission doesn’t stop there, we also give them the resources they need to get immediate help should those dark times arise.

As first responders ourselves, we understand that mental health is an essential aspect of overall wellbeing for first responders as well as their families and communities. Our radio station is becoming a valuable source of entertainment for first responders all over the country. We have established a program that delivers a diverse range of music while providing humor, resources and delivering mental health care packages to those that need a boost. By creating an inclusive community that addresses the unique challenges that first responders face, we aim to empower them to prioritize their wellbeing and seek help when needed.



P.O. Box 1182
Athens, OH 45701

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