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Who We Are?

What's the Thin Line?

The Thin Line, often referred to as "The Thin Blue Line" or "The Thin Red Line," represents the courageous men and women who serve as law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics, veterans and other emergency responders. These brave individuals stand between chaos and order, danger and safety. They're the heroes who walk that thin line every day, ensuring our communities are protected and our lives are secure.

Our Mission: Entertainment and Appreciation

At The Thin Line Rock Station, our mission is to be a steadfast companion to the brave souls who walk the thin line, serving as a dynamic and uplifting force for first responders around the world. Crafted by first responders who intimately understand the challenges and humor that define the profession, our internet radio station is dedicated to providing a unique blend of music and humor that resonates with the indomitable spirit of those who dedicate their lives to the service of others.

What You'll Hear

Whether you're on duty or off, taking a break, or winding down after a long shift, our music is here to lift your spirits and keep you rocking through it all.

  • Tailored Playlists: The station's playlists feature an eclectic mix of music that resonates with the diverse tastes of first responders. From classic rock hits to contemporary anthems, The Thin Line Rock Station provides a musical escape for every listener.

  • Humor that Hits Home: Laughter is a powerful antidote, and the station seamlessly weaves humor into its programming. Through witty banter, comedic skits, and shared experiences, The Thin Line Rock Station connects with its audience on a personal level.

  • Behind-the-Scenes Insights: The Thin Line Rock Station goes beyond the music, offering exclusive behind-the-scenes insights into the lives of first responders. Interviews with fellow first responders, discussions on coping mechanisms, and anecdotes from the field create a rich and relatable experience

  • Shows and Specials: We've got an exciting lineup of shows and specials tailored just for you, our heroes. Tune in “JJ, the Thin Line DJ” where he plays your song requests and shares inspiring stories from the frontlines. Plus, don't miss "After Dark," a special nighttime segment where we include unedited songs and speak from the heart without a filter.

Get Involved

Emphasizing the sense of community, the station encourages active participation from its audience. First responders can engage in live chats, share their stories, connect with like-minded individuals who appreciate the unique journey they undertake and even guest DJing on air. After all, this station is for you!

Connect with Us

Follow us on social media, request your favorite songs, and join our vibrant community of first responders who share a love for music. Together, we'll keep the spirit of rock alive and salute those who walk the Thin Line every day.

So, fasten your seatbelts, crank up the volume, and let The Thin Line Rock Station take you on a musical journey like no other. For the heroes who protect us, we salute you, and this station rocks for you!



P.O. Box 1182
Athens, OH 45701

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